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LOOP Jalapeno Lime Extra Strongis an all white nicotine pouch that has a spicyflavour of chili and lime. Each nicotine pouch comes in a slim format with a nicotine strength of 20 mg/g.

LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong


LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra StrongLoop Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong are slim nicotine pouches with that modern classic flavour of chili and lime. The spicy green chili blends perfectly with the refreshing flavour of lime – creating a flavour explosion in your mouth. The unique Instant RushTM technology, perfectly balances a fast and long lasting nicotine release.Nicotine Strength of LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra StrongEach can contain discreet portions with a nicotine content of 12.5 mg per pouch making it classified as Extra Strong.Extra Strong pouches are mainly recommended for experienced users. Other products of Loop Jalapeno LimeLoop Jalapeno Lime StrongLoop Jalapeno Lime MiniThe LOOP BrandAll of LOOPS modern and flavourful products are served in the worlds first environmentally friendly cans – PlantCanTM – made a 100% out of plant-based material and recycled plastic, all to reduce the impact on our environment.Find more flavours at theLOOP nicotine pouchespage!


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