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LOOP Red Chili Melon Strong


LOOP Red Chili Melon StrongThe brand boasts a product with a plant-fibre basis. It delivers a smooth and enduring taste with a strong kick of chili that is enveloped in a hint of sweetness.LOOP Red Chili Melon Strong is the first environmentally friendly nicotine pouch can. It offers exotic flavours in a can made from 100% plant-based plastic. Thus delivers, maximum flavour with minimal environmental impact.Nicotine Strength of LOOP Red Chili MelonThis product is an ultimate fusion flavour with an extra-strong kick of nicotine. Moreover, these slim nicotine pouches by LOOP come with an extra-strong nicotine strength of 15mg/g. Also, each can offers 22 pouches.LOOP BrandLOOP products undergo manufacturing in Stockholm, Sweden. Also, it aims to make a sustainable and flavoursome world with its PlantCan.


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