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SiberiaAll White Portion Extremely Strong Nicotine Pouches

SiberiaAll White Portion Extremely Strong will deliver a super strong kick of cold mint. The tobacco-free Snus comes in a large format. Each can of Snus contains 15 slim nicotine pouches with a low drip effect.

  • Flavour:Mint
  • Format:Large
  • Nicotine: 33 mg/g
  • Pouches: 15 pcs
  • Net weight: 15 g
  • Brand:Siberia
  • Manufacturer:GN Tobacco

Siberia is one of the most known Snus in Sweden, famous for its incredibly strong nicotine content. Until now, Siberia has only been available with traditional tobacco, but the new All White range contains 0% tobacco in 3 different formats.



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